360° key visual for BMW garage

For Auto Marti, Admire designed the key visual for the inauguration of the new flagship garage in Niederwangen near Bern


The new key visual is currently being used in a variety of ways as part of a cross-media campaign with radio, cinema, bus and advertisements. The subject is the starting signal for the new 360° campaign, which will be implemented from January. It will also be used to draw attention to the opening ceremony on October 22/23, 2016.

In Niederwangen, Auto Marti has expanded and modernized what is probably the most modern car dealership in Switzerland. For the third time since its opening in 1982, the car dealership in Bern has been remodeled and expanded. On October 20, 2016, the 12.5-million-franc conversion was officially inaugurated.

Responsible at Auto Marti: Felix Marti (company owner); Nicole Platz (marketing). Responsible at Admire: Oliver Hofer (project management, text); Melanie Veloso (media design). Other responsible parties: Simon Hofer, Creative (idea, layout); Patrick Salonen (image editing).

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