Ammarkt celebrates its 25th anniversary

In times of economic uncertainty and global crises, trust in brands is of crucial importance. A look at the 25-year success story of the Eastern Swiss agency Ammarkt shows that it is not only possible but also essential to combine down-to-earth values and innovative approaches.

Ammarkt CEO Danijel Sljivo during his speech at the 25th anniversary celebrations. (Pictures: Jagdzoom@Roman)

Brand trust is a stable bridge between companies and consumers, providing both security and guidance in turbulent times. But how can this trust be built and maintained when the world around us is constantly changing?

The power of trust

"Trust is the basis of any interaction - whether in the personal sphere or in the business world," says Ammarkt CEO Danijel Sljivo. For brands, trust means that consumers can rely on the quality, reliability and integrity of a company. In times of crisis, when uncertainty and doubt dominate, people look for anchor points. Brands that manage to convey this trust can not only strengthen their customer loyalty, but also open up new opportunities.

Ammarkt is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Since its foundation in 1999, the agency from Eastern Switzerland has established itself as a leading partner in the fields of strategy, marketing and advertising. Led by CEO Danijel Sljivo, Executive Creative Director Thomas Engeli and Managing Director Patrizia Galassi, Ammarkt focuses on a combination of down-to-earthness, relevance and innovation.

Challenges and solutions

The communications industry is facing a variety of challenges: Digitalization - including AI -, changing consumer needs and economic uncertainties are shaping the market environment. Ammarkt aims to meet these challenges with a combination of reliability and creativity. In times of economic uncertainty, trust in brands plays a key role. Authentic and consistent communication succeeds in strengthening this trust. "Our customers value our market-oriented creativity. We offer solutions that are not only appealing, but above all deliver measurable success. This is the only way we can help our customers achieve greater success in the market," emphasizes Sljivo.

Eastern Swiss values as a recipe for success

A key component of Ammarkt's recipe for success are the virtues of Eastern Switzerland, such as down-to-earthness, diligence and goal orientation, as well as team spirit and cordiality. These values are deeply rooted in the corporate culture and manifest themselves in day-to-day work. This philosophy enables Ammarkt to build long-term, trusting customer relationships and celebrate joint successes. The brand promise "Effectively creative" is more than just a slogan - it is the guiding principle for all of the agency's work. "Our creative expertise enables us to develop effective solutions that respond directly to our clients' needs and deliver sustainable results," explains ECD Engeli.

The path to a trusting future

Brand trust is not a static state, but an ongoing process that requires continuous care and commitment. In times of crisis, it becomes clear which brands are truly reliable and prove to be a firm anchor in stormy times. Through transparency, empathy, adaptability, consistency and quality, companies can not only maintain the trust of their customers, but also strengthen it in the long term. In an uncertain world, it is the reliable brands that serve as a beacon. They offer orientation and security.

"Brand trust is not a static state, but an ongoing process that requires continuous care and commitment."

"Trust-based collaboration and innovation are the key to our success. Continuous investments in new technologies and partnerships serve to generate a competitive advantage for our customers," explains Danijel Sljivo. With a strong team and clear values, Ammarkt is ideally equipped to successfully shape the coming decades. The targeted use of AI enables the creation of personalized customer experiences that strengthen loyalty and trust. The challenge is to strike a balance between technological progress and human proximity. Ammarkt shows that this is possible by using technology as a tool to reinforce human values. The examples of companies like Ammarkt demonstrate that a combination of traditional reliability and modern innovation is not only possible, but also necessary. They offer an inspiring example of how brands can create and maintain trust, even in the most challenging of times.

The combination of proven values with advanced technologies enables companies not only to master the present, but also to shape a successful and promising future.

In summery temperatures, around 120 invited guests celebrated the Ammarkt anniversary on the agency's roof terrace. Customers, employees and partners took the opportunity to talk to each other and toast the long-standing relationships.

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