Publicis Groupe launches the Digitas agency brand in Switzerland

Publicis Groupe is launching the agency brand Digitas in Switzerland to address clients' increasing demands for digital brand experiences. In this interview, CEO Greg Georgiades, Creative Director Jasmine Jemora and Managing Director Serge Barsotti explain what's behind it.

Publicis Groupe launches the Digitas agency brand in Switzerland to address clients' ever-increasing demands for digital brand experiences and technology and data-driven solutions. Positioned as a connected marketing agency, Digitas operates on the belief that forward-thinking companies and brands need a fully integrated and multidisciplinary approach to address the ever-growing complexity of a modern marketing ecosystem.

Digitas serves top international brands such as Visa, Haleon and UBS and has a global network of more than 5,500 employees in over 40 countries with 65 offices worldwide. The agency has been listed as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Global Marketing Agencies for six years in a row. Digitas is now launching in Switzerland with offices in Lausanne and Zurich and will be led by Greg Georgiades (CEO), Jasmine Jemora (Creative Director) and Serge Barsotti (Managing Director). The new CEO Greg Georgiades is a leading CX, digital, data and technology expert at the helm of Swiss Digitas, who has been responsible for various global client relationships within Digitas UK and Publicis Groupe over the past 12 years. In this interview, the trio explain what clients can expect from Digitas.

Digitas has been a strong new player in the Swiss market since January - with two offices in Zurich and Lausanne and a team that is "ready to go". In your own words: What do you bring to the table - what can we expect from your agency?

Greg Georgiades: We are able to offer our clients fully integrated solutions like almost no other agency. Our many years of experience and our ability to scale our global network and IP set us apart. Added to this is our culture of innovation around AI. All of this enables us to create connected and data-informed brand experiences.

Jasmine Jemora: We believe that our approach of intelligently linked services and the power of the Digitas network is unique in the Swiss market. In this way, we help our clients to realize their digital potential and manage the associated complexity.


In which areas do you think your support will be most important for Publicis Groupe?

Serge Barsotti: Technology and data are becoming increasingly important components of the modern marketing ecosystem, while at the same time we are all experiencing how quickly and innovatively software and tools are evolving. In this context, Digitas sees itself as a strong partner both for our clients and for all agencies in our group. We strengthen our existing digital expertise and expand it with technology consulting, AI know-how and product and service design.

Jasmine Jemora: As the largest agency group in Switzerland, topics such as data, technology and AI are of course nothing new to us. However, with the introduction of Digitas, we are taking our digital service portfolio to a new level and creating access to the global network of experts for all local Publicis Groupe agencies. We act as a backbone to provide added value to all our agencies, but also to connect interdisciplinary projects with each other.


If I were to ask you what makes you unique and why you have been at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for six years in a row, what would your answer be?

Greg Georgiades: I wish there was a simple answer to this. I would say there are two decisive factors:
Being curious is crucial. When I think of all the different members of our team, they possess exactly this valuable quality. It's the passion to explore, invent, perfect ... and then start all over again. Another key is our offering, which is made up of many different skills and experts from different disciplines all working under one roof - this unique mix inspires, encourages joined-up thinking and leads to more innovative and simply better solutions. For example, we bring together strategists and creatives who understand consumers and brands with technologists and data experts - this collaborative, empathetic way of working leads to more effective solutions that deliver sustainable results.


They "open branches" in both the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. The latter is considered somewhat more difficult to reach, even though Publicis Groupe has a branch there. How are you preparing for this challenge?

Jasmine Jemora: The Publicis Groupe has been present in French-speaking Switzerland for decades and our Lausanne site has been successful for a long time. So we are not starting from scratch, but benefit from the existing local presence and support of our group. Importantly, we have built our team in Lausanne with a mix of local and international talent, the majority of whom are French-speaking. In addition, we must not forget that the Publicis Groupe has an excellent reputation in neighboring France, which of course also helps.


Your management team was not only recruited from the existing Publicis Groupe staff in Switzerland - you are an international team with Digitas experience from other markets. Do you think this will help to broaden your perspective and also to approach clients with different ideas and solutions?

Greg Georgiades: Certainly, the creation of an international management team has been part of our strategy from the outset. This structure benefits from global experience, established network relationships and an in-depth understanding of international markets. At the same time, it covers Switzerland by taking into account the peculiarities of German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. It also ensures that we incorporate different perspectives, experiences and approaches, which ultimately benefits our clients and employees.


What are your plans for the immediate future? What first steps will you take?

Serge Barsotti: We are already operationally active with our dedicated team. Now it's about further strengthening our brand in Switzerland and internationally. In addition, close cooperation with our existing customers and the active search for new partnerships will be among the most important initiatives. Our aim is to remain agile and adaptable and to evolve with the rapidly changing digital landscape.


Let's end this conversation with the topic of integration: Do you see yourself as a sparring partner, e.g. for the creatives and consultants within Publicis Groupe? Do you want to support them - or do you focus more on acquiring new clients in your area of expertise?

Jasmine Jemora: We naturally pursue both goals. In the context of the other agency brands of the Publicis Groupe, we see ourselves as a catalyst and partner, true to the Publicis philosophy "Power of One". In addition, our aim is to promote dialog and exchange in order to develop mutual growth and innovation for everyone in our Group.

Greg Georgiadesborn in South Africa, is a CX, digital, data and technology expert with over a decade of experience at Publicis Groupe. He has successfully managed numerous global client relationships and was instrumental in building Digitas in the UK. He has now joined Digitas in Switzerland as CEO.

Jasmine Jemora is a Creative Director with over 12 years of experience in digital strategy, UX/CX, brand management, technology and innovation. She has successfully led global campaigns for leading brands, combining creativity with cutting-edge digital solutions. At Digitas, she is passionate about leading the creative team.

Serge Barsotti is an expert in customer experience, branding, technology and digital transformation. For more than 12 years, he has been advising well-known global brands such as HSBC, Volvo, T-Mobile and ABB. Before joining Digitas as Managing Director, Serge worked for various tech agencies and as a management consultant in Switzerland and abroad.

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