New location and new appearance for Lukas Film

Lukas Gähwiler has moved the headquarters of his company Lukas Film from Basel to Zurich and used this opportunity to reposition his image. He was supported by Büro A+O.

Together with the a+o office, Lukas Gähwiler from Lukas Film The core values and qualities of his work have been identified and put into text and form accordingly: the production of authentic advertising films - shot with technology reduced to the essentials.

Lukas Film deliberately positions itself between cell phone videos and high-end film productions: "As a one-man band, I can offer pragmatic realizations of advertising films that mainly follow a documentary approach," explains Gähwiler.

He also offers post-production services for material that has already been shot. This service is not only aimed at photographers who produce moving images, but also at end customers who shoot their own videos and need support in post-production.

Concept and design: Andy Ott (A+O office). Text: René Moor, Jasmin Klett. Programming: Roger Burkhard.

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