These are this year's graduates of the Ad School

26 students have been certified in the fifth course at the Ad School. They received the Ad School certificate and the "Certificate of Advanced Studies Creation and Strategic Planning" from the HWZ Zurich School of Business.

The international marine conservation organization OceanCare was chosen as a case study for the final thesis. In the briefing, the students were asked to develop a donation product for Generation Z and to design a campaign to publicize it. The teams, consisting of creatives and strategists/consultants, presented their final projects to the jury of the Ad School Board and representatives of OceanCare. The students received their certificates at the certificate ceremony on February 29 in the ADC Gallery. In addition, 3 winning teams were awarded the coveted bronze, silver and gold cubes.

The graduates of the Ad School 2023

Course with specialization in strategy:
Aida Nemati, Eva Kern, Jessica Tscherrig, Julia Keller, Kristina Petersen, Nina Schennach, Otis Horiuchi, Seraina Rast, Stefanie Hager, Vanessa Pinter.

Course with specialization in creation:
Alexandra Theiler, Delia Guerriero, Elhan Abduli, Fabrice Studer, Ganna Gontar, Ina Amenda, Jeannine Bugnon, Julia Fuchs, Laura Leuenberger, Manuel Schnoz, Michelle Strähler, Patrick Milles, Sarah Loosman, Simone Höller, Soraya Janser, Vanessa Andrighetto.

The next course is scheduled to start in August 2024.

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