Campfire opens location in Bern

The Campfire agency from Biel/Nidau will open its second location in the capital Bern at the beginning of March 2024.

(Image: zVg.)

With sustainable organizational development - which includes strategy, organizational structure, team size, service portfolio, processes and various new clients - the agency has laid the foundations for organic, sustainable growth over the past two years. As a result, this next step in the agency's strategic orientation follows, as Campfire writes in a press release.

"We will keep our roots and our office on beautiful Lake Biel, but we want to be even closer to our Bernese customers with our second location at Bern station," says Pius Caduff, co-founder and Managing Partner of Campfire, explaining the decision.

The new office is located at Laupenstrasse 2, right next to Bern railroad station, and offers up to twelve workstations for new and existing employees. The "close interdisciplinary collaboration, the team and the culture" are to be retained.

"The agency business is a 'people business'. Close collaboration and regular contact with our clients are essential for our culture and the quality of our digital products. Even though other organizations have completely switched to remote work, for us, direct and physical exchange on site with our clients in the form of conversations, meetings and workshops is an important part of our DNA. The positive feedback and long-standing partnerships with our customers confirm this," explains Frank Salathé, Managing Partner at Campfire.

The digital agency with its office in Bern has high hopes of attracting new talent in particular. The 16-strong team is currently looking for after reinforcement in the areas of UX design, development and content.

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