Agence Trio launches new video format "Parole du Poulpe"

The Lausanne agency with the octopus has launched the video format "La Parole du Poulpe", in which various communication trends are addressed. The episodes are published in multiple languages.

With this format, the agency aims to address communication trends in the current fast-moving and dynamic times. In a newly launched video format "Parole du Poulpe", or "Word of the Octopus", an invited guest provides insights into a specific topic. One of the agency's aims is to highlight the expertise of its employees. The new format is deliberately kept short, specific and collegial.

Media in the spotlight in the first issue

For the first issue, Trio CEO Michael Kamm and Account Director Maxime Chabloz reveal which media the Swiss prefer. They also explain why teletext is still used, how far social networks lag behind television and which TikTok content appeals to older age groups. The episodes are published on the agency's YouTube channel.

To ensure that the other side of the Röstigraben can also access the mainly French-language format, the content is translated into German using artificial intelligence and subtitled in various languages. To create a certain balance, one of the next episodes will also be filmed in German and subtitled in French.

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