Christoph Hess leaves Kuble and founds a new agency

The digital expert, who was a partner at Kuble until June 2023, is founding the agency CPLTS, which focuses entirely on the topic of artificial intelligence.

After a creative break since June 2023, Christoph Hess has decided to relaunch his career by founding CPLTS ( on January 1, 2024. He previously worked for over ten years as a partner and digital strategist at the digital agency Kuble. In this role, he was responsible for projects in areas such as social media, content marketing, performance marketing, monitoring, community management, thought leadership and employee advocacy.

With this step, he wants to develop products and services for the age of artificial intelligence consistently and at an early stage. The mission: "When everyone is using the same AI tools and systems, it is human expertise that makes the difference. That's why every role in a company or organization needs to be redefined. I also believe that human interactions and relationships will become more influential and memorable in a virtual and automated environment."

Cross-sectional perspective

The team looks at AI from a cross-sectional perspective and combines expertise from areas such as strategy, thought leadership, sales funnels, law, HR and customer experience. In this regard, the following questions arise, for example: What do AI guidelines look like? What skills do you need to test when recruiting? And which use cases are suitable for prototypes?

Christoph Hess will remain a shareholder in Kuble after his departure at the end of December 2023 and it is planned that the digital agency and CPLTS will work together in partnership and exploit synergies.

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