Team Connect: Video advice saves you a trip to the store

Get live advice from real specialist staff via video - Migros specialist stores now have a communicative toolbox that can be used across all channels.

Bike World, Do it + Garden, Melectronics, Micasa and SportX have established an advice service during the Covid period that now also offers the advantage of a store visit when shopping online: real advice. Anyone who starts the video consultation via the dialog box on the landing pages of the specialist stores can get advice from a trained specialist live from a branch of the respective specialist store. Your own video image is not transmitted, while the specialist shows you the products in detail on site and answers all your questions. The big advantage: specialist advisors know more than what is on the website and can also provide information about products that are not available in the stores.

As the lead agency for Migros Fachmärkte, Team Connect has developed a toolbox based on the strategic value propositions: simple, approachable, human, competent. The claim "Digital shopping with real advice." applies to all five stores at the same time. The campaign's key visuals were adapted to the look, colors and design specifications of each brand. The challenge was to depict personal advice in real time across the entire range of stores and quickly convey the core benefits. The aim is to make video advice even better known in Switzerland, reduce inhibitions and generate more usage overall.

Flexible and for all specialist stores

The toolbox is based on a basic concept with image and speech bubble, corresponding to the CI of each brand (or each specialist market format). Numerous motifs with models and products were shot for this purpose. A sophisticated message construction kit delivers the right arguments in a short and crisp manner, depending on the specialist store and channel. The communication tools are in permanent use, on owned media and social media as well as at the point of purchase in the stores.

Responsible at Migros Fachmarkt AG: Irene Ackermann (Senior Product Manager Video Consulting). Responsible agency: Team Connect. Responsible for production: Photographer: Jonathan Heyer, Production: Sebahat FILM + FOTO GmbH, Postproduction: Lorenz Wahl.

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