The Perfect Match: What makes for a good agency-client relationship

Leading Swiss Agencies, the association of Switzerland's leading communications agencies, is launching the second season of its entertaining branded content format "The Perfect Match". And reveals what makes successful agency clients' relationships tick.

The relationship between clientele and agency is successful in the long term if the relationship is characterized by mutual understanding, respect and trust. Whether an elaborate competitive presentation with an artificial order situation can be the way to the goal? When looking for a new agency partner, clients can be guided by better selection procedures that place more emphasis on an agency's cultural fit, attitude and way of working. A fair way to find the right partner.

LSA's 2nd season of its branded content format, "The Perfect Match," features four couples who work together as equals. They reveal what makes their relationship work and how their collaboration began. As humorous as they are charming, Ovomaltine and Jung von Matt, astara / Nissan and TBWA, Bank Cler and neu. (formerly Heimat Zürich) as well as Dynoptic and Inhalt und Form talk about their collaboration and why it works so well for them. One thing quickly becomes clear: a good relationship is fun and the best prerequisite for joint success.

The videos, embedded in a LinkedIn campaign, aim to sensitize clients to pay more attention to a cultural, i.e. interpersonal match when choosing an agency. The LSA Agency Finder, which facilitates the search for the desired competencies, helps in the evaluation of the suitable agency. In this way, clients can find portraits of Switzerland's leading communications agencies - and instructions on how to find the right agency. Discover now: 

Responsible LSA: Catherine Purgly, Annina Tzaud. Responsible Concept/Film Production: Martin Fuchs, The Washing Line Chris Hanselmann, John Allen AG. Responsible Media: Sean Amini, BlueGlass/Team Farner

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