What keeps brands flowing? Mainland Lab Session on the topic of "Brand Flow

What keeps a brand on course and in flow in the digital age? To gain clarity on this question, Festland invited to a Lab Session. Around 50 guests accepted the invitation and listened to the keynote speeches.

Festland's Lab Session provided exclusive insights into the topic of brand management in three keynote speeches. (Images: zVg.)

Flow thanks to #LikeABosch

Regine Schoeller, Brand Communication Manager Central Europe at Bosch Hausgeräte, provided insights into the world behind the hashtag #LikeABosch. The bold video clip, which went viral after a tech trade show in Las Vegas, has grown into a company-wide movement that flows through all areas and levels of branding - and gives the brand a whole new flow.

Regine Schoeller, Brand Communication Manager at Bosch Home Appliances, provided insights into the world behind the hashtag #LikeABosch.

Team Flow thanks to Frontify

Roger Dudler, founder and CEO of Frontify, brought market-fresh insights from Lisbon, where his company discussed current brand management paradigms with leaders of global brands. But the keynote also included a look inside Frontify's "AI Lab." Here, artificial intelligence is being trained to make brand management even more consistent.

Roger Dudler, founder and CEO of Frontify, presented, among other things, an AI tool for brand guidelines.

Brand Flow by Mainland

Mainland strategist Marco Casile presented to the guests the beta version of the Frameworks "Brand Flowwhich gave the session its name. From the combination of strategy and creativity, the agency develops the core elements of brand management with its clients. Walter Meier, a provider of industrial manufacturing solutions, served as the current case study. Claudio Sohm, Head of Marketing at Walter Meier, emphasized the special value of brand flow for B2B brands, especially in strengthening the brand internally.

The keynote presentations were followed by a lively exchange of ideas.
The catering offered the opportunity for exchange until late.

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