The House of Communication has moved

The House of Communication Zurich has moved from Kreis 5 to Kanzleistrasse. All employees of the three agencies work integrated under one new roof.

(Pictures: zVg.)

After an intensive renovation phase, employees were finally able to move into the new premises at Kanzleistrasse 57 in the summer, according to a statement. The offices were renovated and brought up to the latest standards. Because the House of Communication has been climate-neutral for the past three years, a great deal of importance was attached to sustainability, the statement continues. For example, the heating system was replaced, the insulation was improved and the windows were chosen to keep out heat and thus ensure a pleasantly cool climate without energy consumption.

In the House of Communication, the employees of the three agency brands Serviceplan, Plan.Net and Mediaplus work on three floors. Two eye-catching spiral staircases connect the floors. The interior design was kept simple to match the building. Black and white, shades of gray and shades of green define the interior color scheme.

In the House of Communication, there is a free choice of seats, which means that the various professionals automatically mix to form new groups every day. This is intended to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and thus the integration of creation, technology, content, media and production, according to the statement. "Our client:s are served by agile teams, assembled from all three agency brands. This allows us to meet the exact needs of the task, regardless of complexity, budget size or duration," Pam Hügli, CEO and partner, is quoted as saying. "Groundbreaking brand management is created and a high impact on all channels is guaranteed. Ultimately, this is a great added value for our customers."

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