Maybaum Film supports Fantoche and young Swiss filmmakers

Currently, the international festival for animated film Fantoche takes place in Baden. It also functions as a platform for newcomers and interested parties. The film production company Maybaum Film is also taking part, continuing its commitment to actively promoting talent.

The opening ceremony of last year's Fantoche. (Image: zVg. / Johannes Hofmann)

With a huge selection of animated films from around the world, Fantoche will once again transport its viewers into the fascinating world of animated moving images. The spectrum of films ranges from award-winning masterpieces to productions by up-and-coming talents that illuminate the potential of animation art in all its facets.

However, the festival is not only a tribute to established artists:inside, but also a platform for newcomers and enthusiasts. In workshops, lectures and networking opportunities, young filmmakers have the chance to expand their skills and exchange ideas with like-minded people and industry experts.

For the duration of the festival, Maybaum Film is making part of its premises available to the organizers for a young talent workshop in which concepts for 3D animations for films and games will be developed. The workshop will be attended by HSLU students from the field of animation and prospective game design graduates from the ZHDK.

"Our initiative to support up-and-coming Swiss filmmakers in collaboration with the renowned Fantoche Festival underscores our commitment to promoting Swiss animation and film art as an internationally recognized institution," explains Michel Alraun, Co-Founder of Maybaum Film. "The Fantoche Festival is, in my opinion, the ideal place to shape the future of animation and cinematography and to offer talented young filmmakers the opportunity to present themselves on an international stage."

On Friday, interested parties can take part in a free guided tour of Fantoche at 3 pm. The festival will continue until Sunday, September 10, with events in various cinemas and public places in the city of Baden.

Responsible at Fantoche Festival: Lucia Chen (Festival Organization), Ivana Kvesić (Festival Director). Responsible at Maybaum Film: Michel Alraun (Co-Founder).

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