Zurich-based start-up NK Media expands to Austria

At the beginning of September, NK Media GmbH is opening a new location in Vienna. Since various projects of the agency are connected with Austria, the step makes strategic sense.

The NK Media team. Image: zVg.

NK Media is still young,- and not only because the agency was founded only two years ago, but also because both founders and employees are under 25 years old. The current average age is only 23.

The move to Austria fills the founders with great pride for this very reason, as they announce in a press release. Founder Nicolas Kubat (23) says: "We are absolutely proud of our employees for the blatant achievement that has enabled us to take this step across the national border. I am looking forward to the new challenge!" Founder Max Felner (21) adds, "Bussi & Baba, it's going to be mega!" The location in Zurich's Enge, where the company recently moved in, will remain the agency's headquarters. 

NK Media's client base includes all kinds of companies. From the hip streetwear brand Titolo to local companies like Tsüri and traditional Swiss companies like Hoval, Schaffner and Landolt Weine, brands from every sector of the economy are represented. 

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