Dachcom: Smart appearance for Compassana

The Compassana healthcare ecosystem brings orientation to the Swiss healthcare system. Dachcom supported it in developing its brand identity and communications strategy.

Compassana connects healthcare stakeholders and enables people to better navigate the healthcare system. Both chronically ill and healthy individuals gain easy access to smart services via the Compassana app. In this context, Compassana is more than just another health platform or health app - it is a holistic health ecosystem. It offers healthcare professionals smart services, called Compassana Med, through its digital platform. These services simplify and improve everyday clinical practice. Compassana is backed by Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, SWICA and LUKS Group as founding shareholders.

Holistic brand identity

To establish the Compassana brand among both B2B and B2C target groups, Dachcom developed a holistic brand identity and launch strategy. The overarching claim "For smarter Healthcare" gets to the heart of the brand promise: a smarter, integrated, modern, and digital healthcare system for Switzerland.

The human being in the center

The main messages "Compassana - The smart ecosystem for health in Switzerland." and "Compassana App - The smart companion for your health." are used to target both potential partners and end customers. Various sub-messages in combination with the core message "Simply smart. highlight the simplicity and smartness of Compassana. Visually, people are the focus of the appearance. The striking tectonics also ensure branding effect and recognition.

Communication measures

For the launch of Compassana, Dachcom developed various communication measures for healthcare professionals and patients. The launch focused in particular on partners from the medical sector, who were addressed and involved with various onboarding measures. The communication also included flyers, advertisements, posters, roll-ups, trade fair elements and animated clips for trade fairs or partner waiting rooms.

Responsible agency: Dachcom Rheineck / St. Gallen.

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