Mediatonic at the top of the media agency rating

For the first time, Mediatonic is in first place in the Media Agencies rating based on the Media.Research.Group. In previous years, Mediaschneider was ahead, but the agency has withdrawn from the rating.

Image: Towfiqu Barbhuiya; Unsplash.

For many years, Mediaschneider Zurich and Mediatonic have occupied the first two places in the agency rating for media agencies. Up to and including last year, Mediaschneider was always ahead. And now, in the 21st year of the agency rating, Mediatonic takes the victory for the first time with a lead of 0.35 points. It is followed by Konnex and ZipMedia, two other national media agencies. The next places are taken by Publicis Media and Havas Media, the first network agencies. This is followed by Mediaplus.

To the surprise of many players in the media market, Mediaschneider has withdrawn from the agency rating. However, Walter Weder of the Media.Research.Group writes that it is not possible to do without mentioning the name Mediaschneider. And he continues: "In analyses that also refer to past years, we cannot avoid mentioning the name Mediaschneider. And another thing, not entirely unimportant: if Mediaschneider had been involved, he would not have been able to prevent this victory of mediatonic."

Since 2003, the data for the agency rating media agencies has been collected every year in the period from mid-January to mid-March by the Media.Research.Group as part of the advertising market study from the top750 advertising clients. In 2023, 372 of the requested Top750 advertising clients participated in the advertising market study. 20 media agencies were surveyed. 14 agencies were assessed by at least 10 clients. They have thus fulfilled the requirement for publication of the results.

The winners

(Overall score in agency rating Media Agencies 2023)

  1. Mediatonic 8.27
  2. Connection 7.92
  3. ZipMedia 7.52
  4. Publicis Media 7.46
  5. Havas Media 7.37
  6. Mediaplus 7.17
  7. The Generation Media 6.83
  8. OMD 6.81
  9. MediaCom 6.76
  10. Mindshare 6.76
  11. Zenith 6,70
  12. PHD 6.55
  13. Dentsu Aegis 6.25
  14. mmb 5.48


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