Bernese video agency Lymbus on course for expansion

The Bernese youngster agency Lymbus is on course for growth. Retroactive to January 1, the video agency is transformed from Silma Production KLG into Lymbus.

"The transformation was the logical next step after growing several hundred percent in each of the last four years, evolving from ambitious nursery videographers to a national production company," said Sven Wuergler, co-founder and CEO of Lymbus. In addition to the new legal form, new offices are therefore also being moved into and additional employees are being sought.

Today, the company based in Jegenstorf BE offers comprehensive moving image productions - both directly for companies and as a contractor for other agencies.

"Today, moving images are no longer limited to just one discipline, but encompass completely different categories - from TikTok to livestreams to TV commercials. As we grow, we want to ensure this interdisciplinarity and follow our promise: Excellent - Storytelling - Online," explains Lars Würgler, Co-Founder and CD of the agency.

The entire industry is undergoing a major transformation. "In addition to the continuing high demand for moving images, there are completely new possibilities due to AI and other technology improvements. We want to continue to play a leading role in this area throughout Switzerland in the coming years," says Dominik Rohrbach, Co-Founder and COO, explaining the goal. With the new start in June, a newsletter will therefore also be launched, which will focus on trends and new technologies in the video sector, among other things.

Lymbus Co-Founder Sven Würgler experienced the daily routine at Jung von Matt for two months as a Trainee Future CEO alongside CEO Roman Hirsbrunner. He recorded his experiences in his four-part column for Read it here:

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