Campaign Forum now under the leadership of three co-CEOs

Lea Riedener is the new managing director of Kampagnenforum - thus forming the agency's new management team together with the previous management duo Marianne Affolter and Jérôme Strijbis.

From left: Marianne Affolter, Jérôme Strijbis, Lea Riedener.

With immediate effect, the CEO position at Kampagnenforum will be filled by three people. The new co-managing director Lea Riedener is jointly responsible for marketing, political campaigning and campaign strategy, among other things. Since 2020, Marianne Affolter and the NPO expert and former head of Hilfswerk Jérôme Strijbis have been leading the agency together, and now there is a management trio.

For Kampagnenforum, the three-person management is a logical step in the organizational development for even more innovations. The broadening of the management level enables the agency to bundle and use competencies in a targeted manner - horizontally, not top-down. It makes a difference whether one person is CEO and the others divisional heads, adds Strijbis, or whether they all share responsibility. Campaign pioneer and founder Andreas Freimüller remains on the Executive Board as Senior Advisor.

Focus on social and human rights campaigns

Riedener's focus is on human rights and social issues. Like her two co-campaigners, she has experience on the side of NPOs themselves. "So we know exactly what is feasible at NPOs, how the internal and external structures are designed, and what can be maximized and how," Riedener says.

Kampagnenforum specializes in campaign, marketing, communication and strategy mandates for NPOs and public authorities. In addition, the service provider is involved in its own ecological and social projects and events.

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