Klexx: Weltklasse Zürich gets active in schools

With the Weltklasse Zürich Extra Mile, the athletics event wants to make sports more fun for children. The Klexx agency supported with material and a mascot.

Weltklasse Zürich wants to get children and young people excited about running: The newly launched Weltklasse Zürich Extra Mile aims to promote the fun of running and improve the endurance of children and young people. Following the successful pilot project last year, the project is now being rolled out in the canton of Zurich. Other cantons are then to follow from 2024.

The "Weltklasse Zürich Extra Mile" is a curriculum 21-compatible school project primarily for students in the lower and middle school, but can also be carried out in the upper school. Teachers are provided free of charge with a ready-made 6-8 week program for physical education classes. In a playful way, children are inspired to run and to surpass themselves, to set goals and to get closer to them step by step.

Agency Klexx on board

To make the project age-appropriate and a success with young and old, the specialized children's and family agency Klexx was brought on board. To keep the motivation of the participating students high and to give the children the Weltklasse Zürich Brand Experience to take home with them, the so-called "Extra Mile Booklet" was designed, which functions as an exercise diary. In it, the children can set their personal exercise goals and use stickers from the sticker sheet provided to note their goals, name their feelings during a workout, and document milestones reached.

The Weltklasse Zürich mascot Leo Letzi, also visualized by Klexx, accompanies the students on their personal sports journey and is ready for the next generation of sports-mad kids.

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