APGS joins ADC Switzerland

ADC Switzerland accepts all members of the Account Planning Group Switzerland, which will end its association activities at the end of June 2023. In their last general meeting, the members approved the transfer to ADC with a large majority.

Every creative measure is based on a sound strategy. In this respect, creation and strategy have always worked hand in hand. With the merger of ADC Switzerland and APGS, what belongs together is coming together again. The two organizations thus want to break down further silos and continue on the forward-looking path they have embarked upon. Moreover, some members of APGS were already members of ADC at the same time and vice versa.

"No creative campaign without a good strategy. It is the foundation and offers creatives an inspiring jumping-off point," says ADC President Thomas Wildberger. "In this respect, Strateg:ins are not only an asset for clients and customers, but also for our club. They represent the crucial preliminary stage where you can do everything right, but also everything wrong. We are interdependent. That's why it only makes sense to join forces organizationally. I'm delighted that 58 top strategists are now officially part of us."

At the last general meeting of the APGS, a vote was held in which a large majority voted to terminate the association activities of the APGS and to transfer all members to the ADC. This will take place with immediate effect. The former 58 APGS members will become ADC Members. The former ADC Members Professional will become ADC Jury Members, who can judge the best works once a year at the ADC Awards. Those of the newly added Strategists who would also like to do this can apply to the extraordinary Admissions Committee. ADC Switzerland now has 212 members.

Romana Schmidtpeter and Gordon Nemitz also hold seats on the ADC board. "Strategic planning is now an established discipline, not only in communications agencies but also on the corporate side," says Gordon Nemitz. "That's why the association's 20-year-old promotional mission toward the industry is obsolete. APGS has evolved into an education, exchange and networking platform, so it was the only logical step to abandon our own garden-variety thinking and join ADC. We are very much looking forward to actively shaping ADC and enriching the club with our strategic perspective."

With the entry of APGS, ADC Switzerland will also further develop its formats as well as the ADC Awards accordingly. With the newly created category "Creative Effectiveness", the measurable impact of creative works will be taken into account and honored. For their effectiveness, proof must be provided of the lasting impact the work has been able to have on the business. The category will be honored for the first time at the ADC Awards 2023. The well-known talk format of the APGS Coffee Cases will also be continued.

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