Isabelle Lindner and Selina Muth found Volta Studio

The two digital designers not only combine nearly 20 years of professional experience, but also a love for loud, colorful concepts and designs.

Isabelle Lindner (left) and Selina Muth in their office at Eigerplatz in Bern. Image: Ramon Lehmann

Volta Studio was founded in January 2023 by Isabelle Lindner and Selina Muth. Together they offer full-service digital solutions with a focus on modern, dynamic design: fluid branding, motion design, UX/UI design and concepts for social media content. "It's definitely allowed to bang a little more in Bern and beyond the cantonal border - that's what Volta Studio is for," the women say. And with a smile, they add: "Our new design studio has the same name as an impact crater on the moon. Because what we produce impacts and leaves traces.

According to the founders, Volta Studio attaches importance not only to good design, but also to transparency and sustainability with and towards its customers. The current portfolio includes: Museum für Kommunikation, Bernisches Historisches Museum, Menta - Das vegane Festival, Suban & Nari Thai Eatery, Solver Productions, Zämä Bergdrinks and Klötzli Messerschmiede.

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