St. Gallen digital agency Diselva launches

Ten digital experts have jointly founded the digital agency Diselva in St. Gallen. Together with its customers, the agency wants to develop solutions that have a sustainable and long-term positive effect on their business.

The partners of Diselva: Chief Consulting Partner Jörg Brunschwiler, CEO Michael Pertek, Chief Operating Officer Jan Keller and Chief Technology Officer Pascal Nüesch (from left to right). (Image: zVg.)

According to a statement, the agency's mission is to create digital solutions that bring about lasting positive change in its clients' business. In doing so, the Diselva team wants to be inspired by technological possibilities as well as by living, changing organisms in order to further develop the business models of its customers in the long term through digitalization.

The ten-member founding team of Diselva consists of digital experts with many years of experience and combines expertise in strategic consulting, creation, and technical architecture and implementation. The St. Gallen agency is managed by a team of four, consisting of Jörg Brunschwiler, Jan Keller, Pascal Nüesch and Michael Pertek.

"For us as a founding team, honest relationships at eye level in our work with each other, with customers and with partners are very important. This is expressed by our modern understanding of leadership and equal ownership," explains Michael Pertek, CEO and Partner. "In addition to our in-house competencies, we have relied on a strong partner ecosystem from the very beginning in order to be able to provide our customers with tailored advice and support," adds Partner and COO Jan Keller. "In the coming weeks, for example, we will enter into various partnerships in the areas of strategic consulting, onshore and nearshore delivery, and with software providers to round out our service offering."

But the agency doesn't just want to create high-impact solutions. "We also want to empower organizations to take the lead over their own constant, digital evolution," says Jörg Brunschwiler, CCO and partner responsible for strategic consulting at Diselva. "Our work concerns the core systems of our customer:s. When it comes to architecture and integration, we rely on lightweight, flexible technologies that ensure the constant renewal and further development of business models in the long term and thus achieve a sustainable impact on value creation," concludes CTO and Partner Pascal Nüesch.

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