Mediacom Zurich becomes Essence Mediacom

As part of the global merger of Mediacom with the Essence agency within GroupM, the new Essence Mediacom agency is now also being created at the Zurich location.

Lennart Hintz, Chief Transformation Officer Essence Mediacom.

Essence Mediacom - GroupM's newest and largest agency - officially launches today. It consists of 10,000 employees in 120 offices worldwide and is led by Nick Lawson, Global CEO. The Zurich office has about 60 employees serving the Swiss market. Essence Mediacom combines Essence's digital performance, data, analytics and tech DNA with Mediacom's multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise.

Everything is brought together by EMOS, a modular suite of analytics tools and data, and combined with technologies from Essence, Mediacom and GroupM to deliver to teams and customers worldwide.

After more than 30 years in the Swiss market, Mediacom is not only changing its brand identity, but also aims to strengthen its positioning as a digital-first agency by gaining the digital expertise of its global sister Essence. After the official launch on Jan. 31, 2023, the transformation is to be implemented gradually until the end of the year, creating tangible added value for the agency's clients.

For the agency's Swiss clients and partners, the transformation is expected to become more and more noticeable throughout 2023. "We will present EssenceMediacom to the Swiss market in several appointments and also show our vision and new approaches and sharpen them locally together with the market," said Lennart Hintz, Chief Transformation Officer of Essence Mediacom, who is accompanying the merger on a global level from Zurich. Initial approaches of the new agency model have already been tested in Europe for clients such as Google, Mars or NBC Universal.




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