New ownership structure for Linkgroup

A new ownership structure at Linkgroup is intended to ensure continuity and pave the way for continued successful market performance. As part of this, Media Partners Holding is further expanding its stake in Linkgroup. The previous majority shareholder, Marc Lehmann, and Othmar Krienbühl will retain a substantial stake in the company.

Linkgroup Partner
The partners of Linkgroup: Christian Schwander, Othmar Krienbühl, Marc Lehmann and Dario Caprarese (from left to right). (Image: zVg.)

Media Partners Holding, owned by Christian Schwander and Dario Caprarese, will further increase its stake in Linkgroup as of July 1, 2023, as part of its succession planning as planned and will become the majority shareholder, Linkgroup wrote in a statement on Thursday. The current majority shareholder Marc Lehmann and Othmar Krienbühl will continue to hold substantial stakes in the company. The four-member management team will jointly lead the company as managing partners.

Media Partners Holding increases its financial commitment to the company with the acquisition of a further block of shares from Marc Lehmann. Lehmann, who led the group of companies as Managing Director for more than 20 years, remains Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.

According to the statement, Linkgroup's new ownership structure creates the "conditions for the continuation of its business activities, which have been successful for many years".

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