Openframe becomes Publica4

The agency Openframe merges its business units under the new name Publica4 and expands its management.

Tiziano Obrecht (l.) and Luca Maier (r.) complete the management team of Publica4.

Openframe bundles the competences and combines the three business units Openframe, Adframe and Codeframe in order to be able to offer a more uniform concept in the future as Publica4. Furthermore, since the beginning of September, Tiziano Obrecht and Luca Maier complement the management to push the areas of innovation and sales.

Tiziano Obrecht has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has been active in the digital advertising market for more than 20 years and brings with him a wide range of expertise. In his professional career, he has successfully built up and accompanied various activities in agencies, as a marketer and in the website sector.

Luca Maier, Chief Sales Officer, has been in the online business for more than eight years. In recent years, he has been responsible for and successfully managed the international Doodle Online Sales. In addition, he has further developed the TX Markets product portfolio during his time at Goldbach.

The existing management team includes Oliver Anderegg (Founder, Consultant), Oliver Milanovic (CTO) and Ivo Rubic (Head of Development).






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