Sebastian Kuhn-Prohic founds agency Oona+

A new agency is launching in Zurich. Oona+ founder Sebastian Kuhn-Prohic wants to fill a gap in the agency market with 360-degree consulting and implementation for employer branding, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition, as well as the ideal combination of intelligence, technology and creativity.

The tight situation on the labor market presents employers with major challenges that require specific know-how and experience from multiple disciplines. In order to combine diverse competencies for the concepts and solutions, acts the new agency Oona+ in a network with over eight agencies.

Fill gaps

"There is a need for a new agency that knows the multidisciplinary field around employer presence and employer marketing as well as we do," Sebastian Kuhn-Prohic, founder and CEO of Oona+, is convinced. Many agencies are too specialized or so large that they are overwhelmed by the often relatively small marketing and project budgets of HR departments.
The new agency combines competencies from marketing, communications, human resource management, technology and data intelligence to support companies in the "war for talent". "We're not the first, but certain concepts and approaches that worked ten years ago are simply no longer appropriate today," Kuhn-Prohic said. "There is room for fresh approaches from a younger generation of agency owners."

Tense situation on the labor market

Many companies currently have countless unfilled positions. The reasons for this are the shortage of skilled workers, increasing global competition, changed attitudes to work as a result of the pandemic, and a new generation on the labor market that places high demands and expectations on companies.

"When production lines come to a standstill because of unfilled positions, it doesn't just affect the company, but the entire national economy," explains Kuhn-Prohic. The majority of companies do not have the capacity to develop measures and solutions internally with their own employer branding team. For this reason, the topic is now omnipresent in many management teams. "We see a lot of potential here and are excited about the collaboration modes with the companies. As a young agency, we can adapt one hundred percent to the wishes of the client."

Not everything from a single source, but tailor-made

The plus in the company name is deliberately chosen: The subject is too complex to offer all services from one agency. "From my many years of experience, I know that the combination of expertise always brings the best solutions," says Kuhn-Prohic. Accordingly, Oona+ is starting with a network of agencies and platforms. This already includes the agencies The House, Hutter Consult and Monami from the Myty Group, the specialists for the latest generation of Yousty and the young company for Artificial Intellgence Visium: "We will continuously add to the network. Oona+ is the spearhead and involves the partners as needed. This ensures scalability right from the start," explains Kuhn-Prohic.

For all instead of a few

Oona+ founder Sebastian Kuhn-Prohic looks back on more than ten years of experience in employer branding, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition as well as sourcing. The economist holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Zurich and was most recently responsible for the Migros Group's competence center for employer attractiveness. "I was able to gain a lot of valuable experience at my last employer. But now it's time to offer the ideas, approaches and solutions to all companies - and not just to one group."

Kuhn-Prohic expects his company to grow quickly: "I have set high goals for my agency. The gap in the market has been identified - we will fill it with Oona+."

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