TBWA\Zurich with new social media unit

TBWA\Zurich is strengthening its position with the new TBWA\Buzz unit, which aims to encourage clients to exploit the potential of social media even more effectively.

TBWA\Zurich puts even more focus on social media: With the new unit TBWA\Buzz, the agency wants to make a significant contribution in the area of social media in order to meet the holistic communication needs of its clients. The unit already manages the channels of important TBWA\ accounts such as McDonald's and Mercedes Vans. In addition, further launch projects are in the starting blocks for the coming year. Buzz also operates autonomously and has its own clients and projects. It is managed by Michelle Steinauer, representative of Gen Z.

Part of a larger ecosystem

The unit's goal: to encourage companies to rethink their social media strategies from the ground up. Buzz sees social media not just as a standalone communications channel, but as part of a larger ecosystem and the company behind it. "Aesthetic or amusing content is cool. But it only gets really exciting when you earn money with social media," says Michelle Steinauer.

Buzz focuses on strategy and conception, but content is also produced - not least because Buzz can use the internal resources of TBWA\Zurich and has a multimedia art director in Andrei Oros. Conversely, the entire agency is to benefit from the new social media department, which is to be involved in the conception of large TBWA campaigns from the very beginning.



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