Master the Metaverse: Jung von Matt and Morrow Launch Web3 Practice

Jung von Matt and Morrow Ventures join forces and launch a joint Web3 Practice to accompany customers on their journey into Web3. Part of this is a Metaverse Masterclass.

Web3 has come to stay. Everyone is talking about the metaverse, NFTs and DAOs. The hype is great, the fear of missing out almost even greater. But how do you position a brand in the metaverse? Do NFTs make sense and does the intended target group even use cryptocurrencies and channels like Discord? These are the kinds of questions the Metaverse Masterclass launched by Jung von Matt and Morrow Ventures aims to answer. Luitgard Hagl, Robert Iken and Argun Uysal have in an exclusive interview already revealed a little more about it.

A team of experts, consisting of creative and business building professionals from Jung von Matt and Morrow Ventures, wants to enable customers to explore the possibilities for their company in Web3 - and to implement them right away. The team from Jung von Matt Nerd, the agency for nerd and pop culture from Germany, which has, among other things, implemented a Web3 case for the watch manufacturer IWC, is also taking part.

The avatars of the Web3 team: Toan Nguyen from Jung von Matt Nerd, Joëlle Hauser, Argun Uysal, Luitgard Hagl, Robert Iken, Nina Bieli and Moritz Settele (from left to right).

From Masterclass to Master of the Metaverse

The Metaverse Masterclass is part of a Web3 PracticeIn this project, customers are supported by an interdisciplinary team, from their own Web3 strategy to NFT collections and their own presence in the metaverse. On the one hand, the aim is to set trends in the fast-moving Web3, but also to develop long-term strategies for the role that one's own brand can play in Web3 in the future. And this along the entire value chain: from education and ideation to strategy, creation, technology and community building.

"The hype around Web3 is huge. And the question of how companies should deal with it is everywhere. The main thing is to understand what Web3 can do and how it fits in with your own company. This raises questions such as: How do I activate and win over the Web3 community for my company when it's no longer on Instagram or TikTok?" said Robert Iken, Managing Partner of Morrow Ventures. "Our goal is to work with customers to find out where the journey in Web3 can go - and where it can't."

Luitgard Hagl, Managing Creative Director of Jung von Matt Limmat, adds: "With the Web3 Practice, we are fully relying on the 'Power of Many' of different experts. And we do this both in our Swiss network and with our German colleagues from Jung von Matt Nerd. This means that we combine business-building know-how, creative excellence and an understanding of pop culture in a unique offering. And with a full focus on the empowerment of our clients."

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