Buyback of shares and two new board members at Mediaschneider

The Mediaschneider Group streamlines its structures, brings two marketing & digital pioneers, Anja Janoschka and Philipp Sauber, onto the Board of Directors and breaks away from Media Plus.

Philipp Sauber and Prof. Dr. Anja Janoschka

"Especially for an owner-managed agency, a board of directors that is as competent as it is critical is essential," Medischneider shares. Digital communication, one of the core businesses of Mediaschneider AG and Hoy AG, is exposed to rapid development and permanent change like hardly any other industry. In order to continue to play a leading role in the future, the Board of Directors has appointed two proven strategists as new members.

Prof. Dr. Anja Janoschka is a professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and has been conducting research on digital marketing topics since 2009. She heads the BA Marketing major and is involved in continuing education. She also worked as a consultant at Publicis Germany.

Philipp Sauber is a federally certified electrical engineer and entrepreneur. As a partner, he ran INM AG, a full-service agency for digital marketing, for twenty years, managed Plan.Net Suisse AG as co-owner and founded AG in 2019.

100 percent Swiss again

Mediaschneider founder Urs Schneider is looking to the future with confidence: "We are glad to have two such different, competent forces in the management body." As part of the structural streamlining, the Mediaschneider Group has also divested itself of the international Media Plus network, bought back all its shares and is once again 100 percent family-owned.With a media volume of over 450 million Swiss francs, the Mediaschneider Group ranks second in the national ranking of Swiss media agencies (RECMA). The group includes Mediaschneider Zürich AG, Mediaschneider Bern AG and the digital agency Hoy AG. It also holds a stake in TW-Media in Basel.

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