Metaverse Academy invites to open day

The initiators of the Metaverse Academy have used the summer break to prepare new courses and to give the website a new coat of paint. An open day will also be held on August 18.

Metaverse AcademyKuble launched the Metaverse Academy in spring 2022 with the aim of providing expertise on the new technology ( reported). The metaverse fundamentally changes the way we communicate. Things that were previously very difficult to imagine can now be visualized and experienced virtually: Offices, soccer stadiums, landscapes, or even entire cities.

The metaverse cannot be learned - it must be experienced. Therefore, the Metaverse in the courses is an unknown learning object and versatile learning tool at the same time. The courses are concluded with an NFT certification.

Open house on August 18

In order to deepen the exchange with interested parties as well as to clarify open questions before booking the courses and training courses, Kuble invites to an open day at Räffelstrasse 25 on August 18 from 4 pm.

Visitors will be able to try out different VR headsets, discuss with other participants and get a first taste of Metaverse. Apéro, drinks and snacks will be served.

New website and new offers

The Zurich agency has used the summer break to develop new Courses prepare and the website to undergo a redesign. The information should now be even faster to find. In the blog, via newsletter, on Linkedin or via Discord there is also continuous information about new findings and progress.

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