Agency check: Kontx

Agency dog? Maternity leave? Overtime? Home office? In our "Agency Check" column, we put Swiss agencies through their paces. This time, the focus is on Kontx.


  • Agency name: Kontx Communication
  • Establishment date: 2015
  • Founder: Bettina Gebhardt
  • Current partners:Bettina Gebhardt
  • Number of employees: 8
  • Current clientele: Merx, Aargau Services, Energieberatung Aargau, Eldico Scientific, Philips, Turm Kaffee, Alver, Dr. Muggenthaler, eurammon, Fitbit, Swiss Combi, VitalAire, Blumenhaus Frei, J+P Gruppe, Kreston
  • Agency address: Schaffhauserstrasse 18, 8006 Zurich

Which campaign from the past twelve months are you particularly proud of?

Two top chefs and tower coffee - a dream combination: We used Tobias Funke, star and points chef at the restaurant "Gasthaus zur Fernsicht" in Heiden AR, and Rolf Caviezel, molecular chef from Grenchen, as brand ambassadors for Switzerland's oldest coffee roasting company as part of a broad social media campaign around the topic of quality around sustainability. We developed a story and marketed it via a broad-based social media campaign, including chef reels, video statements on how and by what you can recognize high-quality coffee, to show that coffee is more than just a pick-me-up. It was a lot of fun and we're continuing the campaign in 2023.


The most important campaign in agency history to date - and why?

For Philips Switzerland, we designed and successfully ran the "WG Challenge" twice in a row, in which we cast student or professional WGs. Two flatmates then competed against each other and had to test Philips products - shavers, epilators, kitchen appliances, household appliances, toothbrushes, etc. - for more than five weeks and integrate them into their daily lives as flatmates. Both WGs staged this via their WG social media channels - through cool actions, pictures, reels, posts. Involved each time was the media partner Watson, which supported the entire five weeks with native ads, reporting and competitions, as well as Swiss influencers who coached the WGs and accompanied and pushed them via their channels. We are really proud of this, because the idea was a bit crazy, but the implementation went extremely well and made a measurable contribution to the awareness of several product groups at the same time.


The most unusual place where your creatives retreat to be creative?

Zurich is full of good places to get creative. Recently we were at Kraftwerk to get our heads fei.

The Kontx team gets creative in different places: sometimes in their own meeting room, sometimes somewhere else in Zurich.

What do you do when you have thought blocks?

times working from St. Moritz, Rome or Munich.


What is your agency philosophy?

Advise, effect, enable! We not only want to make an impact, but also always ensure that the customer becomes smarter together with us.


Why should talented people definitely come to work for you?

Because the pace is fast here and you learn a lot, everyone is given responsibility very quickly and can contribute - and direct customer contact is the norm for every level.

Kontx's Code of Conduct defines, among other things, how to deal with customers, finances, the team and values.

How long do employees stay with you on average?

As long as they have the feeling of growing as a personality. Sometimes very long.


How old is your youngest employee, and how old is your oldest?

There is a generation between the two; but in our minds we are all still children.


How high are the wages you pay compared to the industry average?

As far as fixed salaries are concerned, probably just above average. Our training program should stand out. And with the exception of a single year, the agency has paid all employees a bonus since it was founded.


What is the ratio between the best and the worst paid employee?

Both get along very well.

Small but nice: The almost complete Kontx team at the after-work aperitif.

Pay transparency: Do employees know among themselves who earns how much?

Bettina Gebhardt: I bet.


How much overtime do you work on average per week?

Almost none. Unless there's a pitch or a big customer event coming up. With us, everyone pulls together.


What benefits do you offer to compensate your employees for this overtime?

Not just for overtime, but on principle: to be able to work from Rome or Munich from time to time.


How long do you get maternity leave and how long paternity leave?

If the case occurs: certainly everyone! How long will be discussed with each other. Because we attach great importance to the compatibility of family and career.


Is home office allowed - and if so, how often?

It has been practiced in our country since before Corona and it has become indispensable ever since.

What is the current quota of women?

Not quite 100%.


Do you employ interns?

Yes, and with great pleasure. Preferably from three months. Gladly longer.


Do you organize team events?

Regularly. Just a week ago, we had our summer party at the "Terrace" near Bellevue. Before that, we held a full-day retreat to reflect together on the agency values and discuss how we can live them in everyday life.


Do you have an agency dog or other mascot?

Rumor has it we have a squirrel.


Where do you drink your after-work beer?

On the balcony of the agency.

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