Digitec Galaxus advertising agency: over 3 million in sales for the three-year anniversary

The Digitec Galaxus advertising agency is celebrating its third birthday. Back then, Nina Hoss started with zero sales, zero employees and zero clients. Today, it has over three million in annual sales, three employees and more than 50 clients.

DG AgencyDG Agency helps Digitec-Galaxus partners implement marketing campaigns via various channels. The agency's services include consulting and implementation of online marketing campaigns, landing pages on its own portals, or flyers in packages with specific targeting. In 2021, according to the agency's own data, it generated almost three million francs in sales. And this in the third year.

When Nina Hoss started her first day of work in May 2019, there was a blank sheet of paper in front of her. "Why don't you sell a few marketing services to advertising clients?" it said. This was because Digitec Galaxus regularly received requests for package inserts, advertisements or sponsoring activities. There were no bundled offers from Digitec Galaxus at the time.

DG Agency
Has led the agency since the beginning: Nina Hoss. (Image: Digitec Galaxus)

From the price tag to the first million

The first thing Hoss did was develop her offer and put a price tag on it. She didn't limit herself to online marketing measures: She expanded the range with store displays, package flyers and print ads in her own publications.

In the beginning, the agency was a one-woman show. "My job included the whole gamut: developing services, writing offers, and finally creating and presenting reporting," explains Nina Hoss. "All the while, we had to maintain the independence and credibility of our online stores."

Digitec and Galaxus should therefore remain free of manufacturer-funded advertising. On its own portals, the focus is on independent editorial content, product news, and promotions that are intended to offer customers added value. Hoss must therefore place its advertising on other portals such as social media or Google or declare content as "sponsored content.

In her work, Nina Hoss can draw on a wealth of resources because Digitec Galaxus does almost all the marketing itself. Only the TV commercials are produced in close collaboration with a production company. Concept, graphics, media planning and buying are all handled in-house.

The first offer went to Microsoft - with success. "It was a hole in one," says Hoss. Orders from Apple, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lego or McDonalds followed. DG Agency scored a real coup, he says, with Italian Trade Agency's campaign for Italian designer furniture. The success continued: 15 months after the launch of the agency, it cracked its first million in sales.

No longer a quasi-agency

Gradually, the agency came to the attention of the trade press, Werbewoche.ch titled the DG Agency as a quasi-agency. Hoss no longer finds the term appropriate: "Quasi? What an attribute! We act as a complete agency with experts from all marketing disciplines." In addition to marketing services, including the production of advertising materials, the agency implements measures such as media planning and management as well as "sponsored content" creation. In doing so, Hoss can draw on both graphics, category management and digital marketing and now has a team of three at her side.

The Digitec Galaxus advertising agency team. (Image: Digitec Galaxus)

The north calls

Nina Hoss looks to the future with confidence: "We want to continue creating lots of cool, authentic marketing campaigns with our partners." And not only in the Swiss market. "The north is calling! In August, I'm traveling across the Rhine to the German headquarters in Hamburg," she reveals. There, she wants to make plans with her local colleagues to conquer the German market with DG Agency.

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