"Metaverse hype is huge, but the fear of sleeping on the topic is even greater"

Inhalt und Form has long since ceased to limit itself to classic agency services, but offers solutions in the areas of strategy, technology, creation, media and now, newly - with iundf Neo - in the area of Web 3.0. Philipp Semmler will head the new unit. A conversation with the owners of Inhalt und Form, Karin Estermann and Dominik Stibal, and Philipp Semmler about too much metaverse bla bla, interdisciplinarity and visions of the future.

The iundf agency group from left: Philipp (Pipo) Semmler, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of the new Unit iundf Neo, Gianluca Pirrera, Director of digital Media and Head of the Unit iundf Media, Karin Estermann, ECD and Owner Content and Form, Dominik Stibal, CEO and Owner Content and Form and Urs Blickenstorfer, CEO and Owner iundf Marketing Technology.

Werbewoche.ch: Content and Form is constantly reinventing itself, expanding its service areas, are you never satisfied?
Dominik Stibal: (laughs) Satisfied? Of course we're satisfied, but more than that we're curious, love challenges and new paths. If you want pure satisfaction, you're in the wrong place in the creative industry.

How would you summarize the iundf claim?
Dominik Stibal: We have a great vision with the iundf agency group. Namely, to work very closely together on an interdisciplinary basis. In other words, we bring together creation, technology and media. And now, with Neo, we're also offering Web3 services. This interdisciplinarity is also the key to our success and thus to our growth and internationalization. With the iundf Marketing Technology unit, we have already had a foothold in Germany for over a year, and with iundf Neo, there are no limits by definition.

Interdisciplinary? Explain that in a little more detail.
Karin Estermann: The independent units that make up the Group work closely together. This has worked very well with Urs Blickenstorfer and his iundf Marketing Technology unit for over three years now. We exchange ideas, support each other and, if desired, present ourselves to the customer together. Nevertheless, the units also function autonomously. Gianluca Pirrera is the new head of the iundf Media unit. He has broad media expertise and also thinks holistically. He fits in well with us and our interdisciplinary approach.

What do you mean?
Karin Estermann:
He shares our vision of interdisciplinarity. Exchange, cooperation, using synergies, these are also his strengths, he ticks like us. With this in mind, we have reorganized iundf Media.

The iundf agency group

So how did the new Unit iandf Neo come about?
Dominik Stibal:
Karin and I have been thinking for a long time about how we can incorporate the topic of Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto as a service in our agency. But it has been important to us not to offer mainstream blah blah, just because everyone is talking about it right now, but no one really knows where the journey is going. It is not easy to find the right person for such a task. But we have found it.

Philipp Semmler has been intensively involved with Web 3 for the last three years, has developed an international network, how can he now bring this to you in the iundf agency group?
Karin Estermann:
He is a true stroke of luck with 20 years of experience in the advertising and media industry, he was among others CDO of Mediaschneider, CEO and Co-Founder of the advertising technology company Hoy AG. He has been professionally involved in the blockchain space for around 3 years, advising international entertainment giants such as Post Malone, West Coast Customs and international brands on tokenization, and in addition to his involvement with us, is CEO and Founder of Klon.ai, an internationally funded digital identity company. He brings meat to the bone around the Metaverse theme. Inhalt und Form will also become an agency partner of Klon.ai and will work interdisciplinary with the Web3 company.

Philipp, you've spent the last three years away from the communications business, tinkering on the front lines of Web 3. Why are you drawn back?
Philipp Semmler:
The hype around the metaverse is huge, and the communications industry's fear of sleeping through the issue is even greater - leading to incredible expectations that are being set now but will realistically only be met in the medium term. I know both sectors from the inside. For me, it is fascinating to now bring them together and develop use cases with real added value. We will explore the limits of what is feasible together with the customers and, in the best case, push them. There will be no metaverse blah blah, but a well-founded compass for customers as to what is feasible, possible and promising.

Dominik Stibal: The focus of iundf Neo is on the adaptation of relevant web 3.0 developments and the integration of blockchain technology and immersive experiences for Swiss and international brands. We don't want to blow the same horn as many other agencies that simply surf along on the wave, we want to understand it from the inside and thus enable completely new worlds and possibilities of communication for our clients.

Philipp Semmler: With iundf Neo we focus on collaboration with international partners from the areas of product development, web 3.0 development, VR/XR, DeFi and community building. It is common practice and makes sense to use a worldwide network of competent and proven specialists for projects. This is the only way to achieve convincing results that are more than just a nice gimmick. If you don't want to miss anything, it's best to register now at  iundf.ch/TrueTalk for exciting insights from our world.

The iundf agency group, consists of the creation and strategy unit Content and Form, the media unit iundf Media, the marketing technology unit iundf Marketing Technology as well as the metaverse and web3 unit iundf Neo.

The iundf agency group sets itself the goal of bundling this range of services in interdisciplinary teams with great added value for customers.

Further information:
Creation and strategy www.iundf.ch
Media www.iundf.ch/media
Web3/Metaverse www.iundf.ch/neo
Marketing Technology www.iundf-martech.ch
Or simply by mail to info@iundf.ch

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