Audiokanzlei opens podcast studio on Zurich's Europa-Allee

Founded in 2019, Audiokanzlei continues to expand its offerings as an audio-on-demand service provider - and has just opened its first studio. For audio and video podcasts - and more.

The Audiokanzlei team on Opening Day: from left to right Dino Giglio, Priszilla Medrano, Ann Sophie Keller, Rosanna Grütter, Enora Maurer and David Umiker.

With the "PodCar", a mobile podcast studio on four wheels, the audio law firm had already distinguished itself in the audio marketing industry last as an innovative provider. Now the podcast agency has opened a studio at Lagerstrasse 119 near the Europaallee near Zurich's main train station.

"The timing and location are right," says Audiokanzlei founder and managing director Dino Giglio, who has many years of radio experience - including as program director of Radio 105. He says: "The demand for audio content has increased enormously in recent years. We can meet the great demand thanks to the new studio, where video podcasts can also be realized."

Furnishings from renowned professionals 

For the construction of the studio, the audio firm was able to win some of the industry leaders as partners: SRF and SLG Broadcast supported the audio marketing firm with technology and sound. Rico Chiari, internationally sought-after, multi-award-winning set designer, designed the interior. Chiari designed the premises in such a way that customers for audiovisual podcasts can adapt the interior to the look and feel of their own brand at any time.

Audio marketing is still in its infancy

The studio is not just for producing video and audio podcasts. "Thanks to state-of-the-art broadcast technology, entire radio shows can also be produced or broadcast live," says Giglio. As professional as the technology and audio quality are, booking should also be affordable and easy. On the Audiokanzlei website recording appointments can be easily reserved online, at 129 Swiss francs per hour.

Audiokanzlei founder Dino Giglio is also a lecturer in audio marketing at the HWZ. He is pleased about the market development, which is picking up more and more speed.

"In addition to collaborating with various companies, our studio should also offer space for new, unusual audio formats from up-and-coming podcasters," says Dino Giglio, who is convinced that the audio market is still at the beginning of its development. As a lecturer in audio marketing at the Zurich School of Business (HWZ), he studies the subject in depth, and knows the ways in which podcasts work, including in the corporate sector. "Podcasts are not a reach format," he says. "But with them, you can go in depth thematically - with well-made formats, you can quickly achieve high listen-through rates of 70 percent and more."

Rapid market development

"A lot has happened in this area in the last two years," he says, and he's pleased to feel it very clearly: "In the beginning, we did a lot of cold calling, but now the inquiries are flying in."

The "PodCar" is also still in use. As a mobile recording studio, it makes it possible to present and report directly at and from live events such as open airs.

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