Mobile Office for all employees at Sir Mary

While agencies are increasingly bringing their employees back to the office, Sir Mary wants to go a different way. Stay in the home office or even work from abroad? Employees should be able to decide for themselves.

Sir Mary
Sir Mary's office at Lochergut in Zurich. (Image: zVg.)

At the latest since Elon Musk recently buried the home office, it has become clear: After the end of the corona-related home office obligation this year, many employers are faced with the question of how they should deal with the new office reality.

Is there a gap opening up? On the one hand, there are the demands of employees, one in six of whom would like to stay in a home office permanently, according to a survey by Xing in German-speaking Switzerland. On the other hand, the companies, above all Elon Musk, who do not believe in the home office model. Swiss companies are reacting differently to the new world of work.

Sir Mary has believed in work-from-anywhere for some time. The agency offers all employees the opportunity to move their workplace entirely to the mobile office. Whether at home, at one of the agency's locations or at home or abroad - employees are to decide for themselves where they work.

For Nadine Pachoud, Head of Operations at Sir Mary, the new principle is first and foremost a question of trust: "We trust our Sirs and Marys and rely entirely on personal responsibility. We want the employees to determine for themselves where they can work most happily and effectively."

In the search for new talent, the agency also hopes this will give it a decisive advantage. "We want to offer an encouraging working environment. That's where actions are stronger than words. When it comes to choosing a future employer, independent action becomes a key differentiator," Pachoud elaborates.

The new principle also changes the role of the offices at Lochergut. On the one hand, they serve for collaboration such as meetings, workshops and conceptual processes. On the other hand, they are increasingly becoming places of corporate culture. "A day in the office is more than just a decision about where to work. Those who work at Sir Mary seek interaction with exciting people. So we're not surprised that the offices continue to be well used," Pachoud notes. A laptop and cell phone subscription have always been part of the basic equipment of all employees at the agency. This ensures that they can work from any location.

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