CRK for Work Smart Initiative: New appearance and new office

As part of its repositioning, the Work Smart Initiative has re-staffed the office and modernized its image. For this purpose, the agency CRK created a new logo in cooperation with the executive board and revised the initiative's website. In addition, it has been managing the office since January.

Work Smart InitiativeThe Work Smart Initiative was launched in 2015 by the association of the same name. The members and partners of the network support each other in the introduction and establishment of flexible, new forms of work. Through the Work Smart Initiative, they share knowledge, experience and expertise and reach an increasingly broad, interested audience.Work Smart Initiative

New requirements for companies

The new world of work, which is in a constant state of flux due to the Corona pandemic, brings with it new demands in terms of infrastructure, collaboration, culture, leadership and personal responsibility. It has long since ceased to be just about establishing home offices. What needs to be considered when introducing hybrid work models? How can smart working promote motivation? What does new leadership mean? How does new work influence our well-being? The initiative aims to provide answers to these diverse questions and support Swiss employers in successfully shaping the working world of the future by networking with each other.

New office and new look

Since January 2022, the CRK agency has been running the office of the Work Smart Initiative. It supports the board in day-to-day business and is responsible for communication, member management and finances.

The refreshed appearance is an expression of the initiative's repositioning. It consists of a new logo, fresh and modern colors and a new website. The line in the redesigned logo symbolizes the link within the broad network. Relevant content on the topics is added on an ongoing basis.

"The changes in the world of work are happening faster and stronger than ever before. The Work Smart Initiative also has to rethink and reposition itself for the world of work in order to continue to point the way to the working world of the future. We are now demonstrating this with our new image," say Claudia Giorgetti and Susanne Häcki, co-presidents of the initiative.Work Smart Initiative

New FlexWork study in planning

This year, for the fourth time after 2014, 2016 and 2020, the state of mobile, flexible working in Switzerland will be examined. For the study, Swiss companies in German- and French-speaking Switzerland will be surveyed on the one hand, and employed persons on the other. It will be conducted in collaboration with the FHNW. The study results should be available in November 2022.

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