Maybaum Film: Sniffing film air with structure

Getting young talents excited about video production and video marketing: Maybaum Film from Baden now offers nine schoolchildren a taster day twice a year. A not entirely altruistic project.

"Skilled workers are still rare in our field, although demand is increasing massively," Maybaum CEO Michel Alraun was quoted as saying in a statement. "I am convinced that we need to inspire the filmmakers of tomorrow now".

That is why the Baden film production offers twice a year a taster day at. On July 7 and November 10, 2022, students who are in the process of choosing a career can learn about the various phases of a commissioned film production - from the briefing, concept phase, shooting and planning to production, post-production and distribution. In the process, they look over the shoulders of Maybaum's specialists and can also take their first steps themselves.

"We have participated in Future Day so far, but we also receive a lot of other inquiries," says Salomé Brozman from Maybaum Film. "With the taster days, we also want to offer students an opportunity who were not able to attend the Future Day."

Investing sustainably in the future of the contract film industry seems increasingly important in view of rising order volumes and growing demand for moving images. For two years now, Maybaum Film has been relying on an internal training program called MayAcademy. Employees receive targeted support and training from internal and external instructors. Extending this offering to future generations of filmmakers was a logical step for the agency.

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