Gasser Miesch: New web concept for Baumann Koelliker Group

The Gasser Miesch agency implemented the redesign of the web presence of the 16 independent companies of the Baumann Koelliker Group with a total of 1200 employees.

The BKG website. (Image: zVg.)

The Baumann Koelliker Group, partner for electrical installations and energy-efficient, innovative solutions, consists of 16 independent companies and 1200 employees. The target was challenging, because in a short time 16 company websites, a group website and a job platform were to receive a redesign; this under the premise of a clear visibility of the innovation and energy efficiency of the company.

The job platform in particular was a challenge, as the Baumann Koelliker Group trains in numerous professions and naturally also offers jobs. It was necessary to clearly separate the two target groups "employees" and "apprentices" so that the search would be easy. Nevertheless, the identity of the whole group should be recognizable. Plus, the application process was simplified and optimized thanks to e-recruiting software. This enables the HR department to respond quickly to applications.

The same applied to the group website. The brief was to make it quickly comprehensible who the group is and which companies belong to it. With just a few clicks, searchers can now find the "right electrician" in their area. A striking feature of all the websites is the "Dark Mode" option, which makes energy efficiency visible and tangible.

The 16 new company websites speak for themselves. The redesign was implemented in just a few months; literally energy and resource efficient, as is the Baumann Koelliker Group. "We are proud of the new appearance and impressed how quickly this was possible; efficient, professional and attractive for the users," says Heinz Niederberger, CFO of the group.

The BKG project team. (Image: zVg.)

Responsible for the relaunch: Heinz Niederberger (CFO Baumann Koelliker Group). Responsible at Gasser Miesch & Projektteam: Melissa Gasser, Janice Schafer (project management, concept, design), Soda Studios: Johannes Hofmann, Noëmi Groep, Pierre Berchtold, Aaron Meder (design, technology, development) Justin Groep (photos), Digital Sense: Sven Häberlin, Stefan Joss (online marketing), Feine Feder: Nathalie Schoch (editorial & text), Philipp Böhlen (photos/videos).

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