Dept hosts agency soccer tournament

Because the AZ Cup is no longer taking place, the Dept agency is now launching a soccer tournament. Agencies can register as a team, and the event will take place on July 8. spoke with initiator Michael Hinderling.

The Hinderling Volkart Agency at the AZ Cup 2014, Michael Hinderling far right in the picture and Michi Volkart far left. Why an agency football tournament?

Michael Hinderling: Some time ago there was the AZ Cup, which was held every year under agencies. We thought it was a great pity that this could not be continued. Because everyone enjoyed it so much, we thought it was a great idea to organize the tournament ourselves.


Why this sport in particular, are creatives football affinity?

I don't believe that creatives have an affinity for soccer. Rather the opposite. But it's the number one national sport, and I personally love playing soccer. Apparently, there are also enough soccer enthusiasts among creative people.


What are the conditions for participation?

No special ones - actually only to provide a team and pay the entry fee. Cool shirts are not a requirement, but a point of honor. In case of too many registrations, about half of the places are already taken, we have to come up with something and in the worst case make a waiting list.


Will the tournament be whistled?

Yes, we will probably have juniors who will be on duty as referees:inside.


What beckons the winner? Shall we learn from bring out a football ranking analogous to the Krearanking?

Could this also be combined? So that the winning points flow into the Krearanking? Then the incentive and ambition would be ensured (laughs). In any case, we are thinking about creating an honorable trophy and, depending on the balance, an additional surprise beckons for the winners.


What do the teams need to bring with them?

Only one own equipment. Without football shoes you are at a severe disadvantage. We will provide detailed rules and more information in the next weeks.


Why Wettswil am Albis?

This is my home club and I have correspondingly good connections to organize everything.


Whose idea was that?

After the AZ Cup was cancelled, we got together under three agencies and wanted to start an initiative to organize the tournament again. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it...


How will the 750 francs entry fee be used?

Roughly the money flows into the following expenses: referees, catering, ambulance and winner prize(s). The whole organization runs internally in our team and the place was put to us free of charge by the FCWB. The goal is that everything covers the costs. We do not want to make a financial profit from the event. In case of a possible profit, we would make a donation to a sustainable project.

Register now until Friday, May 27, 2022

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