Standing Ovation launches "FOX" consulting service

With its "Focus on Xperience" consultancy service, FOX for short, Standing Ovation aims to ensure better brand experiences and higher revenues. The 360-degree experience design process is intended to support companies in designing, developing and revitalizing their brand experiences.

During a twelve-month development period, FOX worked with customers to develop Standing Ovation into a new consulting service.

The new offering focuses on the end customer's brand experience, the agency writes in a press release. The holistic experience design process aims to create sustainable success for customers. To achieve this, comprehensive knowledge about the company and the existing customer experience is first analyzed. "Based on the insights gained, we optimize the customer experience," says Michael Dancsecs, owner of Standing Ovation. "We develop prototypes, test their effectiveness and implement them. By monitoring their effectiveness and identifying key performance indicators, we provide our customers with valuable data that measurably and sustainably increases their success. And ultimately generate more revenue."

Standing Ovation's new advisory service appears independently on the web at

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