Rod Kommunikation strengthens the management

Rod Kommunikation has strengthened the management with a view to improving the work-life balance. All areas of the agency are now represented on the GL and organized as deputy arrangements where necessary.

Rod Kommunikation
The entire management team of Rod Kommunikation: David Schärer, Regula Bührer Fecker, Pablo Koerfer, Jonas Brändli, Tiffany Bottlang, Ondrej Maczko, Marco Meroni and Alessandro Reintges (from top left to right). (Pictures: zVg.)

Alessandro Reintges and Ondrej Maczko now share management responsibility for Creation in a co-management arrangement and alternately represent it on the Executive Board.

After returning from maternity leave, Tiffany Bottlang is now working part-time and managing the consultancy together with Jonas Brändli, who has returned to Rod after working for Jung von Matt and Farner. Both represent her on the management board.

"We have also learned a lot about leadership in the last two Corona years, which have been extremely intense for our agency," explains Pablo Koerfer, Managing Director of Rod Kommunikation. "For example, we have noticed that we can work more efficiently on projects if we make the management organization more modular. We have now implemented this experience."

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