Bühler&Bühler becomes a member of the Leading Swiss Agencies

Die Agentur Bühler&Bühler ist per 1. Februar 2022 neues Mitglied von Leading Swiss Agencies (kurz LSA), dem Verband führender Kommunikationsagenturen der Schweiz. Drei Fragen an Raphael Bühler.

Bühler&BühlerBühler&Bühler was founded in 2013. Today, more than 20 experts in creative communication work at the agency in Zurich's Kreis 5. They explain their drive with "Doing really good stuff and having a really good time doing it". This applies to the collaboration within the team as well as with the clientele. These include brands such as Swisscom, Berner Kantonalbank, Manor, Binelli Group, EGK Gesundheitskasse, Brezelkönig and Jungheinrich.

The services offered by Bühler&Bühler range from branding, campaigning, and social media to strategic consulting for positioning or change processes. In recent years, the agency has made a name for itself primarily in dialog marketing. In this discipline, they have won numerous SDV awards as well as prestigious clients.

Raphael Bühler, CEO and partner of Bühler&Bühler, is very pleased to be accepted by the LSA: "Since our founding in 2013, we have been able to grow continuously and develop further in terms of quality. Today, we have our firm place in the Swiss agency landscape. At the LSA, we want to champion our industry and the next generation with innovative ideas under ethical working conditions, as well as participate in discussions on important decisions."


"We are proof that things can be done differently".

Werbewoche.ch asked agency co-founder Raphael Bühler three questions.

Why has LSA membership been desirable for Bühler&Bühler?

Since the start in 2013 as a consulting duo to the current agency with a broad-based team, we have been able to continuously develop - not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. Today, we have our firm place in the Swiss agency landscape. LSA membership is a logical step for us. We want to discuss with the leading Swiss agencies and make a contribution to our industry. And of course it is also interesting for us in terms of image to appear on the market as an official LSA agency.


What accents do you want to set as an LSA member?

Good vibes in the team are the key to a successful and fulfilling everyday life. We are convinced of this. We see ourselves as "capable friends" - because we not only do good stuff, but also have a good time doing it. Young professionals often have reservations about agency jobs. In conversations, we are often asked about above-average working hours, lack of appreciation or high stress levels. We are proof that things can be different. Our working atmosphere is sacred to us and an important basis for outstanding creation.


What do you expect from the membership?

That we can participate in discussions and actively develop the agency landscape. For example, this involves industry standards in terms of quality, tenders and diversity. We also want to actively promote young talent, especially with LSA. Agencies are great, versatile employers. LSA has been championing them for years, which we naturally support. I'm happy to take part in targeted programs for this and, above all, to make this possible for our young talents.

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