Ceres Media positions itself as a full-service agency for Swiss agriculture

Because agriculture is an important pillar of the Swiss economy, it deserves the best advice in the areas of media, advertising and marketing. From now on, Ceres Media wants to ensure this - as the new full-service agency for Swiss agriculture.

Landwirtschaft Schweizer
Founding members Alessandro Giuliano, Caroline Nagiel and Michael Richner.

Ceres Media emerged at the beginning of 2022 from the former AMS Media, which can look back on a long history of success. Founded in 1997 as a media service provider for the "Swiss Milk Producers SMP", it has made a name for itself with successful campaigns. With the transfer from AMS Media to CMS Media, the success story is to be continued and the legacy preserved. A new full-service agency is emerging on the market, which intends to practice its craft in the service of the entire Swiss agricultural sector.


Ceres Media relies on a trusting relationship with its clients and strategic partner AMS Agro-Marketing Suisse. It can also draw on many years of in-depth industry knowledge, which makes the agency a valuable partner for any agricultural organization. The long-standing relationships with media companies and marketers guarantees. also guarantees its customers attractive conditions.

The managing director of the new full-service agency, Alessandro Giuliano, underlines a special feature of the agency: "We have a unique pool of agricultural data. This enables us, on the one hand, to look at each customer with its needs holistically and in the specific ecosystem. Thus we understand the product better and ensure an optimal appearance at the market as well as in the media. On the other hand, for campaigns we minimize wastage and get the most out of every franc invested."

In ancient Rome, the goddess Ceres stood for agriculture and fertility - according to the agency's three founding members, Caroline Nagiel, Michael Richner and Alessandro Giuliano, the company's name is intended to underscore its connection to agriculture. With the "sowing" of the first media campaigns this year, Ceres Media wants to take its first steps into the future and support the various brands of Swiss agriculture to develop sustainably and position themselves successfully.


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