A few "tings" are changing at Hera Zimmermann Consulting

Hera Zimmermann's agency underwent a rebranding at the turn of the year. This is intended to make the focus on social media marketing and storytelling even clearer.

Hera Zimmermann
Sebastian Dudli, Alexandra Müller, Hera Zimmermann and Sandro Widrig (from left to right), part of the Ting team. (Image: zVg.)

Those who create campaigns for clients such as Tamedia or TAL Cosmetics must not stand still themselves, writes Hera Zimmermann Consulting in a press release. That's why the social media marketing agency from Zurich and Sargans has reinvented itself and now calls itself "Tings.

"We were looking for a short, concise and meaningful agency name that everyone in our creative ensemble could identify with equally strongly. So we got into our retreat boots and underwent rigorous brainstorming sessions with virtual rosé pouring," explains founder Hera Zimmermann. "What do we stand for? What do we do? And how do we work? All of these questions can be answered with 'Tings is how we do it.'"

The ending Ting can also be found in the two agency focuses Marketing and Consulting. "Sometimes you don't have to look that far to find the most awesome agency name in the world," says Karin Thommen, Lead Organic Marketing at Tings.

With the new name also goes a completely new website and a new logo.

Not only the name is new, but also the complete web presence and the agency has received a logo.

Hera Zimmermann founded the agency in April last year. Tings supports companies in the content and paid area on all known social networks. In 2022, the agency will additionally focus on NFT marketing.

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