FS Parker starts the new year with more "Wellbeing @ Work

FS Parker's "Stay Healthy - Stay Smart" initiative is designed to help employees live more wellbeing and mindfulness at work.

FS Parker

Agency life has its special sunny sides. The FS Parker agency likes a relaxed working atmosphere, humorous interactions and, above all, mastering exciting projects and achieving goals together. Although Covid brought challenges, the crisis also brought the team closer together and raised questions about team management, the agency says.

On the one hand, there is the question of why there is still a need for an office when remote work works so well. On the other hand, there is the question of how to support each other in the home office to take care of physical and mental well-being. In addition, many employees would have had time for introspection and reflection on life's big questions in the past year. How should this new approach to various life issues be integrated into everyday work?

"The home office is a dream come true for the marketing and communications industry, and especially for creatives," says Hannes Sigrist, Executive Creative Director at FS Parker. Despite all this, working alone in isolation doesn't seem to be the best thing in the world for many people. FS Parker believes that a good mix brings out the best of both worlds: three days at the agency, two days at home.

Well-being despite home office

To promote the personal well-being of team members, the agency invited Heidi Hauerwho, in addition to her career in communications, also works as a health and life coach, invited the agency to virtual lunch talks. The agency learned how to eat healthily in the home office and embarked on a three-week "Healthy Eating Challenge. The exchange of ideas on a topic far removed from to-do lists would also have brought fresh dynamism to the team.

"Mindfulness" is one of the buzzwords of 2021, and the agency wanted to know what it was all about and how they could incorporate the concept into their everyday lives. In a Mindfulness workshop, the agency worked together with Heidi Hauer to develop tools that enable her to work with more mindfulness, presence and clarity.

Mindfulness means something different to each person. "Each and every one of us has activities that bring him or her into the here and now," says Christoph Schmidt, CEO of FS Parker. The agency designed its annual team event with this in mind. During a three-day excursion to the Upper Engadine, the activities included a yoga session and mountain climbing at dizzying heights. But also a meal in a Michelin restaurant or the golf taster course allowed for many shared moments in the now.

Initiative aims to establish wellbeing and mindfulness

To prevent Wellbeing & Mindfulness from mutating into mayflies, the agency has launched the "Stay Healthy - Stay Smart" initiative. "We financially support our employees in activities that promote health and quench thirst for knowledge. In addition, we appointed an employee as a Mindfulness Ambassador. She regularly reminds us to practice presence with tips, links and videos," explains FS Parker CEO Schmidt.

According to the agency, the initiative is already bearing fruit. "The team feeling today is better than ever. We have more understanding for each other when things don't go so well, and we support each other. Mindfulness tools enable us to keep an eye on what's important, recognize problems earlier, have the courage to address them and find more creative solutions," says Mindfulness Ambassador Bettina Schlichter.

Responsible for FS Parker: Christoph Schmidt (CEO & Managing Director); Hannes Sigrist-Thompson (Executive Creative Director); Noelia Blanco (COO & Key Account Director).


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