Hutter Consult becomes eighth member of the Myty Group

The agency Hutter Consult joins the Myty Group. In addition to owner and managing director Thomas Hutter, Florian Muff, Thomas Besmer and Claude Sprenger will also join the group from the management team.

Hutter Consult Agentur

Since 2009, the Hutter Consult team has been supporting clients in performance marketing and social commerce. The various areas of operation include marketing and advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok and the use of appropriate tools for the corresponding channels. In 2020, Hutter Consult was responsible for an advertising budget of over 45 million euros, has had several thousand Facebook pages since its founding, and operates a blog with over 3,000 posts and more than 19.5 million visitors.

"Hutter Consult has grown continuously over the years and has been able to position and specialize well in the social media environment," explains Thomas Hutter, CEO of Hutter Consult. "We are ready for the next growth step and see a lot of synergy and growth potential in joining the Myty Group with matching agencies with identical entrepreneurial and doer spirit. At the same time, we can offer our clients complementary services from a single source."

As with the other Myty acquisitions, Myty buys all shares in Hutter Consult and in return the agency's management participates in the Myty Group. Hutter Consult remains operationally, strategically and culturally independent and manages existing and new clients independently. This is also the case with CRK, which has been part of the Myty Group since the end of October. ( reported).

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