Equipe agency closes at the end of the year

The Zurich agency Equipe is closing down at the end of this financial year. The decision was not taken lightly by the three partners Martin Widmer, Markus Hammer and Barbara Flury, according to Werbewoche.ch.

Agentur Equipe
Have decided to close the agency at the end of the year: Equipe partners Martin Widmer, Markus Hammer and Barbara Flury (from left to right).

A year ago Markus Hammer and Barbara Flury were appointed partners of the Zurich agency Equipe (Werbewoche.ch again). At that time, it was still said that the agency was continuously developing and expanding its range of services and also strengthening its staff.

In July 2021, the two then took over the scepter from founder Martin Widmer (Werbewoche.ch reported again). Anna Kohler from m&k advertisingweek.ch spoke with Hammer and Flury at the time about this big step.

Now, however, the agency is closing at the end of this fiscal year, as from a message on Personal.com emerges. Why did the company stop? Martin Widmer explains that the three active partners - Widmer, Hammer and Flury - have decided to go their own ways in the future. The 21 active customers were handed over to "competent agencies" and the operational business will close at the end of 2021. "It was a good and exciting time - but now there has to be room for something new," says Widmer.

"Of course, the decision to close a functioning agency was not at all easy for any of us," Markus Hammer told Advertisingweek.ch. "Nevertheless, we all had a desire for change. That's why we all sat down calmly and decided together to personally go new ways and also to make all the arrangements that such a decision requires. In this way, we ensure that all customers find an adequate new home." Asked what would happen to the agency's 17 employees, Hammer replies, "We're also accompanying all of our employees to ensure that they, too, can make a fresh start in 2022."

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