PXP Ventures sweats for startups

Start-ups need help. Often, the product idea is great, but there is a lack of implementation expertise, business know-how or resources. This is where so-called accelerators and facilitators can provide support - including PXP Ventures, the sister company of Winterthur-based agency Partner & Partner.

There are more reasons why startups fail than why they should succeed. Support from third parties is therefore often a key success factor: whether to fill knowledge or resource gaps, to avoid the most common mistakes - or to ensure liquidity.

Support is now also offered by Winterthur-based startup accelerator and facilitator PXP Ventures. "We offer start-ups, but also start-up-like constructs, various performance models - for example, sweat for equity," says Luc Holzach, one of the company's founders. "This allows us to take part in the risk - and at the same time minimize it through our broad know-how. It also makes us fundable for startups."

The accelerator's expertise lies primarily in the areas of business models, go-to-market strategies, scaling and marketing. In addition, PXP Ventures can draw on the resources of its sister agency Partner & Partner: "Our breath is long, and we draw on decades of our own experience," says Benno Maggi, co-founder of PXP Ventures and CEO at Partner & Partner.

But how can interested start-ups or start-up-like constructs benefit from the services? "It's very simple: You seek a conversation with us and apply to us. We are an eight-member committee that decides on any collaboration and the scope of the investment," Holzach explains. "In this committee, different competencies and perspectives come together, so we can cover relatively many topics in terms of content - but also have no fear of new things."

Two current mandates from PXP Ventures illustrate the breadth of its involvement: The first mandate involves the global go-to-market support of a complex and sustainable mobility product. Everything from strategy to storytelling and design to investor relations is included in PXP Ventures' services. Another mandate involves building and marketing a platform from a university spin-off for data-driven customer centricity.

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