Equipe: Barbara Flury and Markus Hammer take over the management of the agency

The communications agency Equipe is setting its course for the future. With Barbara Flury and Markus Hammer, two partners are taking over operational management from founder and former CEO Martin Widmer. An interview with the old and the two new managing directors.

Markus Hammer and Barbara Flury are the new heads of the Equipe agency.

Werbewoche.ch: Equipe was one of the first digital communications agencies in Switzerland. Now you are changing the management. What exactly do you mean by that?

Martin Widmer:  When we founded the agency 12 years ago, then still under the name Serranetga, we were the first marketer of Facebook in Switzerland shortly after. Over the years, the agency has reinvented itself again and again. This is because the technical developments, the demands of the clients and the needs of the users have always changed significantly. In the last two years, we have succeeded in strengthening the agency with Barbara and Markus in terms of content and in developing it further in a targeted manner. So the time for the next phase has come very naturally. For Equipe, our clients, but also for me, this castling is very effective and refreshing in terms of content. It allows me to support the agency in an even more targeted way and to contribute my know-how even more effectively.

How many people do you employ and exactly which areas are being sharpened?
Barbara Flury:
At the moment, we have just under 20 employees. In the last two years, together with Markus, I have been able to significantly refine our service offering and further develop two or three things, such as the area of Experience Strategy. Whereas we used to be more of a creative digital advertising agency, today we create highly effective customer experiences across all touchpoints - with both creative and communication requirements coupled with the right technology. What's more, we are now better positioned than ever to make brands fit for the digital age and to sharpen their content.

What are Equipe's real USPs?
Markus Hammer:
I think the most important USP is our way of consistently putting the user and his needs at the center and linking this in a target-oriented way with the needs and goals of our clients. In addition, we have continuously strengthened our competencies in the design and implementation of digital platforms. We are now also very well established in the field of one-to-one marketing, and of course we are also very familiar with the topic of marketing automation. So, in light of the massive changes brought about by the elimination of cookies, we are 100 percent ready to continue working successfully for our customers and creating new potential. I think our successes for customers like Opel or Smile confirm this.

Are the changes you're making due to the Corona pandemic or was that already planned anyway?
No, on the contrary. I think the crisis has only strengthened our belief in the agency's new set-up. After all, digital development has been greatly accelerated by Corona, and many companies are now under more pressure than before. As a digital strategist, I am honestly very happy about this. Many companies are only now really getting down to the nitty-gritty and initiatives are now being tackled in a targeted manner at a strategic level.

What have you learned from the crisis?
We have learned to do what we do best and what sets us apart. We also have a great foundation of customers who want to successfully shape their future together with us.

Where do you see yourself in a few years? Do you want to grow or remain a relatively small but fine digital agency?
We want to grow organically, but also continue to have time to explore new and innovative paths with customers. After all, we are both very actively involved in the day-to-day business and are always noticeable to clients as sparring partners. It is also important to us that we continue to develop our agency together with our employees and that no one loses their sense of fun.

What do you wish for the future?
To be honest, I would like to see more exciting and at the same time more relevant questions from companies more often. And also the courage to articulate things more clearly and also to measure them. This will not only improve the results, but also the customer experience.

Hammer: Every company needs an intact digital ecosystem for effective and successful marketing. To be honest, I would like to see more agencies like us that understand this and know how to play with it.

Widmer: I wish for at least twelve more exciting years of Equipe.

Founder and former Equipe CEO Martin Widmer

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