New full service agency for live & digital marketing Warp launches

Warp is a new full service agency for live & digital marketing in the Zurich area. The agency was founded by Niklas Strohmeier and Dominik Nyffenegger. They run the Thalwil-based agency together as owners and managing partners.

Dominik Nyffenegger (left) and Niklas Strohmeier founded Warp.

By combining activities in real space with the digital possibilities, we would like to Warp activate the target group of companies and brands in the two most important channels: real and virtual as well as on and offline.

The services range from the development of strategies and concepts to social media & content marketing, web design and programming as well as performance marketing, which, paired with high-impact live marketing, POS merchandising and promotions, is intended to offer their customers a concentrated load of thrust towards achieving their goals. In doing so, customers can choose for themselves whether they want to purchase holistically integrated activities or only selected services, as the founders write in a statement.

The new agency is based at Seestrasse 93 in Thalwil, Zurich. Warp plans to show its first work for clients shortly.

Experts in their respective fields join forces

Dominik Nyffenegger is majority owner and CEO of USP Partner. He holds a master's degree in economics with a major in marketing and entered the agency business in 2014 after holding various management positions in brand management and trade marketing for FMCG brands as well as in event management. He has been CEO of USP since 2014 and took over the majority of its shares in 2017.

Niklas Strohmeier is the founder and CEO of [Kju:] Digital Solutions, a full-service digital agency based in Vienna. As founder and owner, he can draw on over 20 years of experience with long-standing clients, primarily from the FMCG, finance and arts/culture sectors.

"We were repeatedly asked by our USP clients whether we could offer digital marketing solutions to complement our live marketing activities, which we had previously thought of primarily conceptually for our measures, but implemented in each case with external partners - which did not exploit the full potential in concepts and involved unnecessary interfaces," says Dominik Nyffenegger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Warp. "We generate 6-digit, sometimes even 7-digit contact numbers for brands with live marketing activities in real spaces in larger implementations. If we can now also transfer these contacts to digital channels and process them there for our clients, we increase the already high contact value many times over. With Warp, we can now offer exactly that from a single source."

In projects already realized together for various joint clients in Switzerland, the two founders have realized that through from the beginning and holistically conceived activities in live & digital marketing - from the main idea to the realization - there is a huge potential in the processing of the two most important marketing channels and offers an enormous added value for their customers. This is where the idea of Warp came from.

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